Training 2016


This fall semester the ACM VIS and the D-INFK again offer a local contest open to all students. We are glad to coordinate our efforts with the EPFL in Lausanne (PolyProg). The goal of the contest is to improve the skills of the participating students, select the team that will win SWERC 2016 and participate in the World Finals for the third time, and to recruit new participating students.


  • Saturday, October 8: Local Contest (SWERC Selection Contest). ETH Local Contest.
  • Saturday-Sunday, November 19-20: SWERC. ACM Southwestern Europe Regional Contest in Porto


In addition to the contest itself, there are also plenty of online training options based on online judges. The solutions to the problems can be submitted and the judge then tells whether the solution was correct.

Some very good online judge systems:

  • SPOJ (Sphere Online Judge) has problems of different difficulty levels similar to the ICPC. Many programming languages are allowed and one gets points for each solved problem.
  • UVa (Universidad de Valladolid Online Judge) has an approximately complete collection of former ACM ICPC competition tasks. The Judge accepts solutions in C, C++, Java and Pascal.
  • Topcoder organizes individual online contests at regular time intervals. The problems are of very high quality and varied difficulty. It is possible to solve the problems from the previous contests using the website.
  • Codeforces is another inititative similar to TopCoder. Again, there are regular contests and a possibility of solving the old problems.


The Center for Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics and Optimization (CADMO) offers some interesting lectures every semester.

In particular, every fall semester the CADMO holds the ACM Programming Challenges Lab and the Algorithms Lab which practice algorithmic contest programming.

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